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Training Program

We have organized our firm into several practice groups. Soon after joining the firm, an associate becomes a member of one or more of these groups, depending on his or her desires and the needs of the firm. During their first two years with the firm, however, all associates are expected to complete various assignments in most of the practice groups. A mentor is assigned to each associate to assist him or her in gaining a variety of experiences. All attorneys in the firm have an "open door" policy in order to provide guidance as the associate develops. After that time, group affiliation is re-evaluated. Associates serve as members of various committees and participate fully in practice group meetings, as well as other aspects of the management of the firm.

The firm provides attorneys with state-of-the-art resources to aid them in their work. Our full time Network Administrator ensures that our hardware and software resources are up-to-date and running smoothly. These resources are complimented by our in-house library. Our librarian is available full time to help you with locating the most current information available, whether in our collection or in public and private libraries across the State.

Associates receive annual reviews by the firm, which allow both the firm and the associate to ensure that professional development is progressing at an appropriate pace. Associates on the standard career track are considered for membership after 6-1/2 years with the firm. We are, however, open to alternative career paths that allow the associate the opportunity to balance their professional goals with the needs of their family life. This flexibility allows us to hire high quality people whose outside responsibilities do not allow them to follow the traditional career path.