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Criminal Law

At Mika Meyers, we provide powerful and effective representation to clients who find themselves embroiled in the criminal justice system. Our experienced attorneys regularly appear in state and federal trial and appellate courts throughout Michigan. Whether our client is charged with DUI, felony assault, or a white-collar crime, we approach the case with a high degree of skill and determination.

Our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to handle a wide variety of cases, including those involving state or federal charges:

  • Drunk driving (OWI/OVI) and other drinking-related offenses
  • Traffic offenses involving passenger and commercial vehicles
  • Driver’s License restoration
  • Assault and battery and other violent crimes
  • Criminal sexual conduct and related offenses
  • Home invasion, retail fraud (shoplifting), larceny, and other fraud-related offenses
  • White-collar crime, including embezzlement, false pretenses, forgery violations, and credit-card fraud
  • Internet, insurance, telecommunications, welfare, and banking fraud
  • Juvenile offenses, including zero-tolerance and minor-in-possession
  • Marijuana possession and other drug-related offenses
  • Firearms and dangerous weapon-related offenses


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