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Public Finance Lawyers

As a public finance law firm in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we’re passionate about serving municipalities, and our public finance expertise backs that up.

As part of our long-standing service to townships, villages, cities, counties, public authorities, and educational institutions, our public finance lawyers advise on all aspects of public financing operations, public improvements and other capital projects, and real and personal property acquisitions. For example, our lawyers have assisted local governments on smaller, routine matters, such as the purchase of a dump truck for less than $20,000, to the acquisition, financing and construction of a multimillion-dollar sanitary sewer system to serve multiple communities.

Our public finance attorneys review current matters of interest to our public sector clients, including new legislation, court decisions, and administrative rulings that impact the financial positions of and alternatives available to local governments.

We publish a newsletter which is distributed as a courtesy to clients and others, and our public finance lawyers are available to speak at seminars on a wide range of issues of concern to public sector clients.

Our public finance legal services include the following:

Bond Counsel

  • Tax exempt and taxable obligations
  • Tax anticipation and county delinquent tax revolving fund financings
  • Private activity bonds
  • Revenue and rate structures
  • General obligation (tax) pledges
  • Multi-Municipality contracts
  • Securities law disclosure
  • Tax increment financing
  • US Rural Development grant and loan programs
  • State of Michigan Drinking Water Revolving Fund
  • State of Michigan Revolving Fund
  • Installment purchase agreements

Public Authorities

  • Proceedings to establish public authorities and adopt financing and development plans
  • Amendments to financing and development plans
  • Building authorities
  • Joint municipal authorities, such as sewer and water authorities
  • Local development finance authorities
  • Downtown development authorities
  • Corridor improvement authorities

Water, Sewer & Drainage Systems

  • Right-of-Way acquisition
  • Financing of initial construction, expansion and improvements
  • Ordinance development, amendment and enforcement
  • Compliance with state and federal requirements
  • Drain code proceedings
  • Regulatory guidelines
  • Contract operations/privatization

Elections and Ballots Proposals

  • Unlimited tax pledge and bond ballot proposals
  • Millage proposals
  • Millage projections

Special Assessments

  • Proceedings to establish special assessment districts
  • Financing of special assessment projects
  • Michigan Tax Tribunal appeals

Learn more about our public service legal services by calling us at (616) 632-8000 or by using our contact form.

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