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Our commitment to provide a comprehensive package of legal services designed specifically for today's business environment extends to immigration matters.

We have the experience and expertise to handle virtually any immigration related matter, offering a full range of specialized services tailored to businesses including:

  • Hiring and retention of foreign-born professionals, executives and technical personnel
  • Workforce verification and compliance issues
  • Employer self-audits
  • Government inspections
  • Overseas placements
  • Obtaining short term work and/or residence benefits for families and individuals
  • Obtaining long-term residence and/or citizenship for individuals and families
  • Intervention and negotiation with the Immigration Service, Department of State, Social Security Administration, Immigration Service Ports of Entry and overseas consulates to obtain benefits or solve problems
  • Obtaining Green Cards, through business or family, via both standard and expedited tracks
  • Obtaining student visas and temporary visitor visas for individuals and families


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