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Non-Traditional Couples: Life & Estate Planning Challenges

When it comes to estate planning, non-traditional couples in Michigan face greater challenges than couples in a traditional marriage. Generally, these relationships lack the same legal benefits that marriage bestows. Consequently, benefits must be established through the use of careful planning and documentation.

The Michigan legislature provides a template for the appointment of fiduciaries and the distribution of assets after death.  While necessary and well intended, the law is designed primarily with married couples and traditional families in mind.  Frequently, the choices made by the State Legislature do not meet the needs of non-traditional couples.  These shortcomings are particularly stressful when the decisions concern medical treatment, end-of-life issues and funeral arrangements. The estate planning attorneys at Mika Meyers can help you create a plan that both honors your relationship and provides for your loved ones.

We believe it is critical for people in this situation to meet with a supportive attorney early, when they are still able, to ensure they make choices that reflect their wishes.

For more information and assistance, contact an Estate Planning attorney at Mika Meyers