Business Counselor October 31, 2013 Jennifer A. Puplava

Solicitations Regarding Your Trademark May Be Misleading

Many clients have reported receiving confusing correspondence from official-sounding companies claiming that action needs to be taken on a trademark registration.

Although many of these companies have names including the words “USA,” “Federal,” and “Office of Trademarks,” they are not part of the federal agency handling trademarks. All official correspondence regarding a trademark registration will be from the “United States Patent and Trademark Office.” If Mika Meyers has filed paperwork with the USPTO on your behalf, all official correspondence will come to Mika Meyers.

Although the correspondence you receive regarding your trademarks may seem official, it may be a deceptive solicitations for services designed to trick you into paying unnecessary fees in connection with your trademarks. The USPTO has recognized that this is an increasing problem, and has provided further information regarding this issue at

If you have questions regarding whether a trademark-related correspondence is legitimate or is instead a deceptive solicitation, please contact Jennifer Puplava.

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