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Appellate Law

Need a skilled appellate attorney by your side? We’ll be responsive to your needs and ready for any challenge.

At Mika Meyers, we have several appellate attorneys with extensive experience in Michigan state, federal, and administrative appeals, including:

  • Appellant’s or Appellee’s counsel in federal appeals to the Sixth, Seventh and DC Circuits
  • Counsel in numerous state appeals to the Michigan Court of Appeals and the Michigan Supreme Court, including lead attorneys for the prevailing party in many published decisions
  • Retention by clients to submit Amicus briefs on issues of concern to our clients
  • Counsel in many administrative appeals, including Tax Tribunal, National Labor Relations Board and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission appeals as well as numerous appeals under environmental; and other statutes to an Administrative Law Judge
  • Conducting moot court sessions to prepare for larger appeals
  • Retention by other attorneys and law firms to assist in writing their appellate briefs

Our Michigan appellate attorneys are dedicated to providing clients in Michigan and across the United States with the highest quality of legal representation. We use a comprehensive approach to review each case thoroughly, craft detailed arguments based on the facts and law specific to that case, and provide persuasive advocacy to the court. We are knowledgeable of appellate rules and procedures, as well as the applicable state or federal substantive law, and can present cases effectively in any jurisdiction.

Call us at (616) 632-8000 or fill out our contact form. to get in touch with one Mika Meyers’ Michigan appellate attorneys.


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