Announcements April 9, 2020

Leading Lawyers Publishes Article Regarding Elizabeth Bransdorfer

In the March 2020 edition of Leading Lawyers Magazine – Michigan edition, the magazine published an article profiling Elizabeth Bransdorfer. In the article, they explained how Liz approaches clients when she meets with them regarding a possible divorce. She draws a rectangle and explains the legal procedure, options for kids, issues regarding joint property and spousal support. Liz explained she found giving client a visual helped them feel more in control. Leading Lawyers also touched on Liz’s destiny to be an attorney, as her parents were both attorneys. The publication also quoted members of Mika Meyers regarding Liz and her practice, and how she is a tremendous source for legal knowledge and she is also a great teacher to younger attorneys. Even one of Liz’s former clients was quoted stating “She does not sugarcoat the truth, for sure, and she is very sincere. She knows the law and is a great listener.”