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Zoning and Land Use Planning

Unsure how a piece of land can or should be used? We’ll provide all the certainty you need.

Mika Meyers has extensive experience advising Townships, Cities and Villages in all aspects of land use planning and zoning. Our services include:

  • Ordinance interpretation
  • Ordinance drafting, revision and adoption
  • Guidance in review and action on planned unit developments, special land use applications, site plan review, and zoning variances
  • Preparation of notices
  • Assistance with adoption of special land use and variance decisions and other zoning actions
  • Review of condominium documents, stormwater maintenance agreements, and other documents required for zoning approval
  • Guidance on difficult land division questions
  • Rezoning and conditional rezoning
  • Transition from County to local zoning
  • Training for Planning Commissions and Zoning Boards of Appeal
  • Referenda

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