Announcements March 19, 2019

Dan Broxup’s Porsche Case Sent Back to Trial Court

Last month, Michigan Lawyers Weekly interviewed Dan Broxup regarding Meyering v Porsche Cars North America. Dan represents Jane Meyering in this case regarding a defect in Porsche’s heating and cooling system that continued after the fourth attempt to fix it. The Court of Appeals ruled that the Ingham County Circuit Judge improperly dismissed the case (granting Porsche a directed verdict against Meyering) because the determination of whether the defect at issue continued to exist after the fourth repair attempt should have been left for the jury to decide, rather than the judge. Dan successfully argued to the Court of Appeals that the jury was entitled to draw the inference that the defective condition continued to exist because “the Porsche was brought in for a fourth time for a defect and nothing was done [to fix it], so therefore the defect still remains.” The Court of Appeals has remanded the matter to the Ingham County Circuit Court for a Jury Trial this July.