Announcements January 14, 2020

Jim Scales Explains in GRBJ Article That Proposed GAAMP Could Bring Farm Markets Near Homes

On January 10, 2020, the Grand Rapids Business Journal published the article “Panel eyes farm market land use.” In this article, Jim Scales explains how the proposed GAAMP draft could be problematic for Michigan residents who do not want farm markets near their homes. Jim added that currently “farm markets must be located on property where local land use zoning allows for agriculture and its related activities.” However, the new proposed draft eliminates local land use zoning requirements, which means the farm markets can be established anywhere. He stated this is problematic for Michigan residents because the Michigan Right to Farm Act protects farmers from nuisance lawsuits over matters such as odor or dust, so long as the farmers comply with GAAMP. The Review Committee is still working on this draft and it hopes to offer its final proposal to the Michigan Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development for consideration in March.