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Civil Litigation - Practice Area

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Civil Litigation

Resolving Disputes of Every Size and Complexity

In our increasingly complex and competitive society, some disputes cannot be resolved without resorting to formal legal proceedings. As a firm, Mika Meyers offers broad experience in all types of litigation. Our attorneys offer a depth of experience in specific practice areas. As an organization, we are prepared to effectively represent our clients' interests in disputes of any size or degree of complexity.

Further, the diverse experience of our litigation staff and our organizational flexibility enables us to effectively represent Fortune 500 companies, major institutions, small businesses, and individuals in civil, criminal, commercial, and probate litigation. If you are involved in a dispute or would like more information about our services, please contact our office and make arrangements to speak to a member of our firm.

Our Grand Rapids litigation practice covers all levels and jurisdictions:

  • Trial and appellate courts throughout Michigan
  • Federal courts, including the U.S. Bankruptcy, Tax, and District Courts
  • The Sixth Circuit and other state Courts of Appeals
  • The U.S Supreme Court

We represent clients in all types of dispute resolution, including:

  • AAA, NASD, and court-supervised arbitration and mediation
  • Contested cases before administrative agencies
  • Grievance proceedings
  • Civil and criminal hearings, trials, and appeals

Pre-Litigation Planning for Improved Outcomes

A lawsuit can be a time-consuming, expensive, and a challenging experience for parties involved. Knowing this, many people are tempted to ignore a problem that might result in a lawsuit, hoping the issue will go away. Some people even fail to respond promptly when a lawsuit has been filed against them. Such delays can drastically reduce their chances of a desirable result.

By contacting one of our litigation lawyers at the first sign of a possible lawsuit, you greatly increase your chances of negotiating an amicable and acceptable compromise. If settlement is not possible, an experienced trial attorney can make sure you understand your options and help you prepare your case or defense well in advance, thus putting you in the strongest possible position when the suit is filed.

Our Major Litigation Categories:


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